Meet the Team 


Director of
vineyard worship

Adam Russell

Adam Russell is the Director of Vineyard Worship (USA). In his role as Director, Adam brings his experience as a songwriter, worship leader and senior pastor together to help guide and direct Vineyard Worship in living out its core purpose, which is to gather the worship community, train worship leaders, and make compelling records of the songs that God births in our wider movement. Additionally, Adam serves on the Vineyard Executive Team and also leads his home church, Vineyard Campbellsville.

As a writer of many well-known songs in the Vineyard movement ("Let Your Kingdom Come," "High King of Heaven," "Name Above All Names," "Folks Like Us"), Adam has also produced several records for Vineyard Worship (Promises of Wonder, All Things Rise, Kyrie Eleison, Wear The Crown).  In addition, he has traveled extensively inside and outside the Vineyard training and encouraging worship leaders, songwriters and creatives. 

"Vineyard Worship has been a huge blessing to the global Church, and that call is still valid," Adam reminds us. "We are only one little thread in God's worldwide tapestry, but we are a part, and we must sing our song, and give our gift." Adam's hope is that the Vineyard would love God first and most, and that one aspect of our devotion would be songs that move God's heart.  

 Adam and his wife Heather live with their four children on a small farm in rural Kentucky where they also grow grapes and make wine. 





Darren serves as the Director of Publishing, Licensing & Business Affairs for Vineyard Worship out of its California office. In his role, he manages the Vineyard song catalog, handles songwriter, artist and media relations, administrates all agreements, handles the licensing and negotiation for Vineyard song use, and oversees the royalty systems and distributions. In addition, he works with Vineyard's representatives internationally and serves as editor on VW products and communications.

After earning his BA in Communications-Public Relations, he took a full-time position with the company as its International Accounts Rep and has worked in various departments including distribution, production, copyrights/trademarks, and A&R before moving to publishing.

Darren attends Vineyard Church of Fullerton where he serves as co-pastor of the worship ministry and is a member of its core leadership team. He also enjoys reading, playing guitar, daunting house projects, and ice hockey. Darren and his wife Laurelin have two boys.



Director of Events & Project Management

Melisa Keller

Melisa Keller began working for Vineyard Music as an intern in the events department before taking a position as Administrative Assistant to the Events Director, where she helped coordinate various events. After earning her Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management and working jobs in event planning for a local museum and a national dance organization, Melisa returned to her true calling and re-joined the Vineyard Worship team in 2007. 

In her second tour with Vineyard Worship, Melisa now plans and executes the Vineyard Worship Leader Retreats and other events for Vineyard Worship, and serves as a project manager for all products and album releases.  

Today, Melisa leads worship at Vineyard Fullerton in Fullerton, CA, and has stepped into more of a training role, speaking and teaching in churches and worship-related workshops and events throughout the country.  

Melisa recently earned her MBA in Hospitality Management, which has enabled her to better enjoy food, wine, good music and good times with family and friends. One of her greatest passions is visiting hotels while traveling and giving them unsolicited feedback and pointers.  She has only received one thank-you note to date.



Director of
production AND A&R

Casey Corum

Casey Corum is a songwriter, worship leader, record producer, and creative catalyst based in the greater Los Angeles, California area. Casey is best known for his work with Vineyard Music having served as Chief Creative Officer for over 10 years. Casey's songs have been sung in thousands churches all over the world in numerous languages. Some of his best known songs include "Dwell", "Form Us", No Longer Strangers", and "You Have Set Me Free". 

Casey also travels extensively working with artists, churches, and creative leaders on the stage and in the studio. Living life as an act of improvisation, Casey has given his life to unlocking creative potential in others and breaking through creative roadblocks. 

Casey is married to his high school sweetheart, Angie. They have four daughters and live in Fullerton, California.



Director of Vineyard school of

Mike O’Brien

Mike O’Brien has served as a worship pastor, speaker, record producer and songwriter for over 25 years. For 18 years he served one church (Vineyard Community Church of Marietta, GA) training hundreds of worship leaders and musicians; in that church he founded a creative common called “Poured Out Like Wine”.

Mike serves as the director for the Vineyard School of Worship ( and has produced numerous albums including "Shine On Us", "Miami Vineyard Live", and "Not Be Moved". He holds his Masters of Worship Studies from the Robert E. Webber Institute and is currently serving the church at large in worship team training and worship leader mentoring.

Mike, his wife Susan and their son Ezekiel live in Atlanta GA. You can find out more about Mike at